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Here are the basic steps followed when installing solar control films to glass.

Step 5: squeegee window
Step 7: position film
Step 9: squeegee edges with
a 5-Way Tool
Make sure the glass type is suitable for window film and check for any flaws and/or breaks in the glass.
Remove any dirt particles from both the frame and window so your installation is free from contaminants.
Remove any hard substances (e.g. paint) still stuck to the glass surface after your initial cleaning and scrubbing. The glass surface must be completely clean for the film to adhere properly.
Some installers like to trim the pattern before removing the liner while others prefer to do it afterwards. It depends on which installation technique you are most comfortable with.
Spray and squeegee entire window from top to bottom.
Remove release liner from the film to expose adhesive. Make sure to spray the adhesive with solution as you pull the liner away. Again, the technique being used determines when the release liner is removed.
Position film on the window.
Once the film is applied to the glass, squeegee water solution out from underneath the film with firm, measured strokes.
Double wrap a paper towel around a 5-way tool and use the edge squeegee technique to securely anchor the film edges.
Check installation for any contamination or water puddling under the film. Clean any residue that might be on the outside of the film.